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How to choose a water color for the Pool?


One of the most common doubts that come to us from users is how to decide the color of the pool water. The common belief is that the water in seas and pools is blue because it reflects the color of the sky.

Instead, the reality is that the blue color is due to the reflection of sunlight. Water absorbs those colors with a broader spectrum length, such as red, and shorter, such as ultraviolet. Also, other colors such as green can be reflected when there are nearby elements that can bounce the light, such as algae.

pool water color
Hotel Blau Varadero CUBA

What color does the pool water look like?

Therefore, when our swimming pool water gets the rays of sunlight, it absorbs first red and ultraviolet lights and after them yellow, green and violet colors, so the water remains in the color of the light with the lowest absorption level: blue.

Having seen the reason why the water in our pool is blue, what does it depend on if it is darker or lighter? The intensity of blue varies depending on the light that the water can absorb. In the case of swimming pools, this depends fundamentally on the depth of the pool.

The larger the glass of our pool, the greater its ability to absorb light and therefore the darker we will see the blue of the water. In the case of children’s pools, being shallow, the ability to absorb light is much lower and, therefore, we see more transparent water.

In addition, there are other factors that affect the color of the pool water, such as the time of day, the position of the clouds or the part of the world in which we are.

pool water colors
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How to change the color of the pool water?

In this way, although the color of the pool water will always be blue, we can influence its degree of intensity and even its tonality.

Unlike what happens in the sea, the light absorption capacity of the water in swimming pools is lower and the bottom of the pool is always visible. Therefore, the choice of color pool floor acquires a fundamental role in achieving the effect we want in our pool.

If we opt for white colors for our ceramic wall tiles, the water acquires a sky blue color that transmits purity, relaxation and balance.

Among the options of ACEPOOL, the ceramic brand for swimming pools of GRES ARAGÓN, the porcelain stoneware series TIBET and URBAN They are the ideal choice to achieve this effect that invites you to disconnect inside the pool.

The availability of these models in various modular formats: 30×30, 30×60, 60×60 and 60×120, allow you to give free rein to your imagination and design a multitude of combinations. Those who prefer klinker or extruded stoneware have available the COTTO 33×33 is also a superb choice.

All these options are available in antislip finish that can be laid on the areas surrounding the pool to give uniformity to our place and include ceramic special pieces made by extrusion process for the edging system of the pool, both overflow and not overflow, as well as for constructing the desired geometries

how to change the color of pool water
Piscina municipal PATERNA

If, on the other hand, we prefer the color of the pool water to be turquoise so that it takes us to idyllic places, we should place stoneware for beige pools. If we also choose a dark beige coating, the green will be more intense.

In addition to the TIBET and URBAN series, the porcelain stoneware models ORDESA (wood-look like) ITACA (sand-like) and ROCKS (stone-like), as well as CORAL BAY and extruded ceramic series COLUMBIAORIÓN and CAPRI are available in beige tonalities that will create the perfect turquoise effect of any paradisaical environment.

What color is the pool water?
Private pool ROCKS BEIGE

Another option is to install grey color ceramic tiles, so the water will get a sea-like blue tonality, what looks breathtaking in infinity type swimming pools infinity.

In this case, the possibilities among the range of ACEPOOL models are endless: TIBET, URBAN, ORDESA, ITACA, ROCKS, ORION, CAPRI, COLUMBIA… and the new OCEAN PEARL, porcelain tile in 15×15 and 30×30 format, which when placed indoors is perfectly combinable with any other of the stoneware series on the beach that surrounds our swimming pool.

What color will the water in my pool look like?
Private pool ITACA GREY

There are also options for those nature lovers who want to feel the freedom and freshness of the vegetation thanks to its swimming pool. For them, covering the glass with green porcelain stoneware will help achieve an incredible natural effect.

In this case, there is no doubt that the model to choose will be the OCEAN GREEN RIVER, which, accompanied on the pool deck by another porcelain tile, the ORDESA, will create an incomparable habitat.

pool water color
Los 4 colores de la serie porcelánica OCEAN, disponibles en formatos 15×15 y 30×30
pool water colors

To all these options, one might add classic blue looks, from blue tiles, such as OCEAN BLUE LAGUNA, that boost water’s refreshing feeling; and black or very dark colors, such as TIBET ANTRACITA tiles, that will give our swimming pool elegance and sobriety with a unique mirror effect. TIBET ANTRACITA, that will give our pool elegance and sobriety by causing a unique mirror effect.

how to change the color of pool water

Pool water colors

In short, the color palette that we can give our pool water is as infinite as the possibilities offered by ACEPOOL for ceramic wall and floor tiles with all its porcelain stoneware and extruded stoneware series.

Formats ranging from 15×15 to 60×120, without forgetting the non-slip bases and gloss coatings in 12×25 and 25×50 formats, or mosaics. The two most traditional options within the ceramic possibilities to cover our pool.

What color is the pool water?
ACEPOOL color range in wall and floor tiles 12×25 y 25×50

Therefore, when we have to choose a stoneware model to build our pool, in addition to choosing a quality product with the appropriate technical characteristics, we must think about what environment we want to create, in order to choose the right ceramic tile to help us influence the color of the pool water.

Guillermo Villanueva Lop

Contract Sales Dept.


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